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Not all speeches etc recorded on demos, at meetings, etc,
find their way into Radio Resistance broadcasts.

But that doesn't mean that they're not worth listening to!
So you'll find them here ...

School Strike 4 Climate - Friday 29th November 2019
Sheffield rally

Chesterfield SWP meeting, Thursday 21st November 2019:
Corbyn, the election, and the struggle for socialism

Stand Up To
              Racism logoStand Up To Racism - International Conference
in London, Saturday 19th October 2019

Extinction Rebellion logoExtinction Rebellion's International Rebellion / Autumn Rebellion, in London, October 2019

  • Environmental
  • Anti-Racist
  • SWP meetings
  • Trade Unionist
  • Anti-War

Chesterfield Stand Up To Racism public meeting, on Monday 8th October, had speeches by:

End Austerity Now! demo outside Tory Party conference in Manchester,
on September 29th, 2019


Speeches from Sheffield demo for Windrush migrants, 30th April 2018:

(Almost) Full recording of Monday 16th April's Defend Our NHS public meeting, at Chesterfield Labour Club

Chesterfield Socialist Worker forum on Thursday 15th February 2018:
Winston Churchill - hero or villain ?

Chesterfield Holocaust memorial meeting , Monday 29th January 2018:
Sarah Mathias, author of "A Berlin Love Song", talks about the Gypsy victims of the Nazi Holocaust


5th October 2017:

Chesterfield SWP branch meeting on Catalonia by Sue Arguile of Derby SWP

Chesterfield vigil for Myanmar's persecuted Rohinga minority, Friday 15-9-2017
  (speeches by Toby Perkins MP, Marouf from the local Muslim community,
   James Eaden of Chesterfield Trades Council,
   and Jeannie Robinson from Stand Up To Racism)

Jeremy Corbyn live at Mansfield, Saturday 9-9-2017 (full speech)

SWP Chesterfield branch meeting, Thursday 13th April 2017, on
Syria - why we oppose Western bombing, by Sean Doherty of Hackney SWP

Live audio from the Chesterfield Stand Up To Racism rally, on the night of Tuesday 7th March 2017, by:
- Dean Collins, Derbyshire County Council Labour councillor
- Louise Regan, incoming NUT president
- statement from Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND)
- Florin Luka, BFAWU
- Zak Cochrane, Stand Up To Racism

Speeches from the anti-Trump demo in Sheffield, on Monday 20th February 2017, by:
- Maxine Bowler, introduction speech
- Hamera of PSC, including poem "I Am Not A Migrant"
- Haseema, councillor for Sheffield Nether Edge ward
- Sabrina, from the Yemeni community
- Jenny Patient, Climate Change Alliance
- Shizana Hafi, including poem "Refugee"
- Pete Garbert, Green Party
- Negev, young girl
- Trevor Goodfield, Unite Against Fascism
- Abdullah, Black Lives Matter

Live audio from Saturday 4th February 2017,  Sheffield demo against Trump's "Muslim Ban",

Live audio from the February 2017 Transition Chesterfield and Chesterfield Climate Alliance meeting on:
How do we keep the lights on ?

Thursday 26th January's Chesterfield SWP branch meeting, on:
Trump and the Alt Right

More Content coming soon .....

A Soundcloud page has been set up,
featuring speeches from demos etc -
some of which don't end up getting aired in broadcasts

Radio Resistance Soundcloud page