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Radio ResistanceRadio Resistance logo
from Chesterfield

Contains left wing politics!
Radio Resistance is a left wing, anticapitalist alternative to the pro-Establishment propaganda of the mainstream media
(including the capitalist commercial stations and the state capitalist BBC).

It was created back in 2013, to provide news, information, education and entertainment to people across the left wing,
including Revolutionary Socialists, Reformist Socialists (eg the Labour left), Environmentalists, Anarchists,
and everyone else who is pissed off with the pro-capitalist bias (whether blatant or subconscious) of the mainstream media.

Radio Resistance features news (source: Socialist Worker)
plus news on strikes, demos and protests,
and a guide to coming events of interest to left wingers in the North Midlands and South Yorkshire.
Plus, weather for Chesterfield area (and, occasionally, for areas with coming important demos)